Bong Of Destiny
The bong made out of satans horn in "The Pick Of Destiny"
by jesuschristianity March 14, 2010
Big Ol' Dyke. But you can only really use it if you are one.
Did you see that basketball coach? She is a B.O.D.!
by bruba April 07, 2010
Used in the gaming community for a phrase of triumph.

1. Bag o' Dicks
2. Bag o' Douche
3. Bucket o' Dicks
"B.O.D. for you sir."
"I'll be passing out the B.O.D.'s all day"
by ZACH BAMF February 10, 2008
B.O.D. is an acronym for the phrase "Black Out Drunk". Pronounced BOHD or BOWD or BEAUD B.O.D. can be used to describe one self (or others) whilst in a Black Out Drunk state of being.
Damn, George sure is B.O.D. tonight...what's he drinking?
by Super George The Greatest April 17, 2011
Acronym for "Boss off day." A day when your boss is not present at work. BOD is commonly celebrated among employees who have problems with authority. In recognition of BOD, workers will decorate the office with a disco ball hanging from the ceiling.
Oh thank God today is fucking BOD!!! The boss has really been riding my ass lately. Please attach the disco ball to the ceiling ASAP!
by werdslaya January 12, 2010
A person or way of thinking that is stupid, annoying, lame or ridiculous. An abbreviation for Broadcast Operation Detachment which is a group of Army reservists in Iraq that aren't very bright.
That guy who jumped off the Sears Tower using a garbage bag as a parachute was totally BOD.
by The Final Countdown January 09, 2007
Big Ole Dyke; the ringleader girl that gets all the other girls to have girls night.
Sharon said all "her" girls are going to the movie. Dang B.O.D. cock blocked me again.
by greendesk April 06, 2006

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