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Acronym for "All of Day". The AOD is the event where a BOD ("Beginning of Day") lasts the entire work day, usually from 9 to 5. The AOD is such a rare event that it is believed to be a myth.

Whenever one utters the word during a BOD, the AOD will be ruined. Therefore it is also known as "That which cannot be spoken of".
16.30 Renji: "We're heading for an AOD!"
16.31 @: No!
16.31 Whacko: You have said that which cannot be spoken of!!
16.32 Ollie: Hey guy's I'm quitting work early today, seeya!
by Renji November 26, 2007
Acronym for "Beginning of Day" used by colleagues of office spaces to start their day. Preferably a BOD is initiated using an online messenger service such as MSN or Gtalk.

BOD is often extended using parentheses and/or semicolon "BOD();", indicating the use of a method in programming languages.
Renji: BOD()!
@: Woo, another fresh day at work!
Whacko: bah -_-.
Ollie: Teh worruk, NOOO!
by Renji March 08, 2007
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