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Noun, plural in construction but singular in usage. Originates from the acronym "Board Of Cooperative Educational Services," (or something similar), a 'special education' system often used to educate mentally-retarded people (frequently children, but occasionally brain-damage victims) as much as one possibly could, which, typically, isn't much. The acronym eventually became a term to describe any person so enrolled in one of these systems, and through logical extension, a an insult to suggest that they are as intelligent and mentally competent as a person enrolled in a BOCES system.
"Jim is such as boces, he can't even turn on the computer correctly."
"Our teacher is a real BOCES. It took him 20 minutes to get the VCR running."
by Tha Funkinator March 08, 2005
A mental. Stands for Board Of Cooperative Educators but really means mental.
Dude, that dude's a boce.
by Max Kelley June 18, 2004
Someone who is very stupid, but not legally classified as retarded (by an IQ point or two).
You are a boce Kelly!
by Shitnutz March 20, 2005
A fat retarted person, usually goes to Boce schools for retarts. Has no friends but a very large penis.
That kid over there is a Boce.
by Joey and Mark May 07, 2005
adjective used in place of the word nice
person one: " dude i got a new bike today !"
person two: " dude ! thats boce !"
by fitsgerald June 22, 2009