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balling out of control. The act of a baller spending and partying like there is no tomorrow.
If you go to Las Vegas with gabe and Lukie, you will witness some serious boc.
by Xianti May 04, 2007
Acronym for 70s & 80s rock group Blue Öyster Cult. First band to use unneeded umlauts, setting the trend for metal bands for years to come. Great band. Lemmy Kilmeister of Motörhead & Hawkwind thinks they're assholes. This acronym is used way more often to describe this band than "beer o'clock" or any of the other terms listed for B.O.C.
You say you're a huge B.O.C. fan, but you've never even heard the Tyranny and Mutation LP?!?
by Julius Diamond July 22, 2008
Acronym for Bag Of Cunt's

This term is specifically used to describe an underachieving sports team.

The term can also be used to describe a team that you have placed a bet on, and are inexplicably letting you down and costing you some serious cool.
Example 1

Tony: "if Chelsea beat Stoke i will win £250"

Chelsea immediately concede a goal

Tony: "fucking BOC's!"

Example 2

Mark: "Villa will never beat Spurs"

Tony: "Why Not?"

Mark: "BOC's arent they..."
by nugnugs October 07, 2011
Submitted to Urban Dictionary by Kim E. Blaine.

B.O.C. meaning Beer O’Clock, which translates to it’s time for a beer.

It's B.O.C.
Nash: “What time is it, Kim?”
Kim: “It’s B.O.C. Let’s head down to the Blue and Gray on Castleton Ave and ask Karen to set us up a tab.”

by Kim E. Blaine February 11, 2006
Blue Oyster Cult. A hard rock band of the 1970s.
I saw Blue Oyster Cult the other night at the Garden
by whoareyou July 08, 2003
A fuck-buddy or sexual partner. Acronym used in internet jargon, standing for Bag o' Carrots. Used primarily in forums and other sex-talk sites such as chat roulette and tagged.

Derived from a cat's instinctual desire to sexually stimulate themselves by dry-rooting carrots, especially those in bags. Carrots are a member of the cat-nip family and felines find their scent simply irresistible.
Person one: You DTF, Bo'C?
Person two: Hell yeah, I'm DTF! Go all horny-cat on my root-vegetable ass!
by Squidface1222222222 August 27, 2011
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