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the only way to reach 100% lax mode, involving chilling so hard in the most comfortable position humanly possible.

could include, but not limited to, bringing your mattress from bedroom to tv room, owning feather pillows, receiving dome while in any form of lax state
Tim: What did do do last night bro?
Ty: Nadda, rolled so deep into bobcatting
Tim: right on
by brotamus prime October 17, 2011
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A girl that is sitting in the middle back seat of a car after a shitload of drinks (optional) between two blokes and wanking them simultaneously - ever seen how someone drives a bobcat with a joystick either side?
Sharon was so shitfaced the other night, she was bobcatting her hubbies best man and her second cousin in the back seat on the way home from the engagement party while her fiancee was driving up front!
by Spunkmeister February 07, 2008
just doing ignorant frowned upon shit, while not giving a single fuck. Going HAM and raging may be involved as well. NOTICE: this act can only be committed by students attending Texas State University.

NOTE: Bobcatting is not encouraged anywhere else besides San Marcos
A wise bobcat once said "A bobcat out of bobcat country is like a fish out of water."

Bobcatting can also only be commited by non-libs
Bobcat A: Dude what the fuck happened last night?!
Bobcat B: I don't know dude...we were just bobcatting way too hard
by scrilliam September 29, 2011
The only true meaning of bobcatting is the following one.

a few guys go stand in a circle and each of them jerks off the guy on their left. (or right whatevs)
Mostly used as an insult
guy A "you heard the news about these guys? They were bobcatting all weekend"
guy B "thats disgusting"
by tim the enchanter October 09, 2013

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