Although rarely seen in its natural habitat, the bobbles is a secretive and mindful gamer, often picking off headshots with screams of "BS MOTHERFUCKING WALLHAX" coming from the walls.

Likes bunnies.
bobbles has a large willy.
by Not bobbles thats for sure!! March 20, 2003
Top Definition
When giving a blowjob, Male pushes partner's head down to go deeper. (This causes a bobble-head effect or a bobbing for apples effect)
Last night, Ed bobbled me. I choked-I hate when that happens.
by Claire Swanson April 05, 2008
Slang term used for a blowjob.

Oral sex. Gender neutral.
1.i haven't gotten ne bobble in a long time.

2.she gives some BOMB ASS bobble
by dupri August 25, 2004
Head, Dome, Blow Job
That bitch gives some mad bobbles
by CBS420 July 16, 2006
A nickname given to fat men, who are unfortunate enough to be named Bob.
-Where the hell is Bobbles?
-Probably got stuck trying to get out of his car again!
by frootypatutee February 26, 2009
Excellent conversational filler. When you aren't saying anything and there is an akward silence, just say bobble in a nasily voice. Originally it was a shitty videogame called 3D Bobble for the DOS, but the name caught on after a series of internet cartoons depicted Bobble, the blue sphere, talking to a king.
"mmmmmbobble" Josh said to the girl
"Bobble" she replied.
by Josh Trance February 11, 2007
1. someone who is overly ditzy to the point of not knowing what’s going on around them
2. someone who is tremendously psychotic and slightly ditzy
3. the act of being out of it when thinking of/seeing someone one likes
Emmy was being a bobble at the diner, she spilled her shake on some poor guy

Lucy was being such a bobble the other night because she saw Jim.
by lotuspanda March 15, 2008
One who fucks up his life by raging over the simplest of things.
His life completely and utterly sucks and he can't afford to pay for anything other than dial up because his dad put the family in debt because of drugs. Also, if he gets sun burn, he cannot get his permit. Has the most awkward shaped body and yells a lot. Everybody gets pissed off at him for being alive and being ginger. Fuck you, bobbles.
Bobbles:Austin, don't worship Satan!
Austin: Bobbles, don't fucking punch windows.
Bobbles:You locked me out!
Austin:Go kick yourself, ass-hat.
by Mr. Penischeese June 28, 2012

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