Noun: A lump of green material extracted from one's nose. Known in the UK as a grolly.
Origins: Yiddish/Polish/Eastern European.
See also prunch.
I've picked a big bobber.
by Jono March 27, 2005
Top Definition
A motorcycle that has anything non essential removed, cut off or trimmed.
"Hey man, did you cut your rear fender in half with a torch? That bobber looks like sh!t."
"So does your garbage wagon!"
by DirtyMerg July 12, 2007
A motorcycle that has been modified by removing unnecessary parts like turn signals and crash bars, cutting the fenders down (bobbing) or even removing them completely, installing a smaller fuel tank, etc.

Originally the modifications were done to increase the motorcycle's power-to-weight ratio for increased performance and racing.

Also called a cut-down, California special or Fat Bob if the stock gas tanks are kept on.

Bobbers were the precursor to choppers.
Jimbo has a sweet Panhead bobber.
by Dr. Badwrench January 05, 2009
one who enjoys giving head. Orginated from a girl named leann from carthage, who lives for giving power hours. A power hour consist of seeing how many guys you can suck off in an hour. ( the record is 5)
mike eger, I will give head you don't have to punch me in the head this time. I didn't get the name bobber cause I like to fish.
by mike(I have aids) anger December 27, 2004
A derogity name word used in North Yorkshire to describe a nerd, or geeky looking bloke. (Skinny, bad hair, glasses, often laden with books and pencils)
Look at ole bobbers over there!

Haha hes a right bobber!

Oi Bobbers!!
by Wilberto July 05, 2006
What your mom uses to fish the dick out her ass.
can u find me a bobber i caught me a big one
by meatwad1245 July 20, 2010
1) opposite of mobber

2) someone who sucks a lot of dick
"Dude that guy a mobber."
"Are you retarded? That guy is straight bobber."
"This chick was shlobin my nob the other day. I thought she didn't get with a lot of guys, but she is a bobber."
by MOBBER June 01, 2009
Bobbers is a very sexy guy. He usually goes by the name of robert or bob. He is amazing in bed. He has a big dick. He always has girls falling for him then he leaves them hanging. He doesnt want a girlfriend but he doesnt mind fucking you.He rarely has no time for fun because he is always working or sleeping. He hangs out with his ugly ex girlfriend who is engaged. He needs to figure out what he wants by this point in his life.
That guy is so sexy! Must be a bobbers!
by generals girl October 26, 2011

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