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Noun: A lump of green material extracted from one's nose. Known in the UK as a grolly.
Origins: Yiddish/Polish/Eastern European.
See also prunch.
I've picked a big bobber.
by Jono March 27, 2005
The thing you clip your keys on, also known as a caribiner. Also used by rock climbers. It was invented by the 6th graders at OLS.
Danny: "Hey, Matt, what's that thing hooked to your belt?"
Matt: "It's my bobber, it's so I don't lose my keys."
Danny: "I'm goin' to Walgreens to get myself a bobber."
by Jim Benedick February 25, 2006
A person who bobs their head while making out....
Tim is most deffinitly a Bobber did you see him last saturday night?
by MyDick7 May 13, 2008
A man and women get on there knees. The man is behind the women and sticks his balls into her ass,(One nut is fine if size is problem). Next he starts to finger her as they both move up and down. Then when the female has a orgasim she squeezes her butt cheeks involuntary. When your balls start to hurt you stick a finger in her mouth and pull her back.
I bobbered jenny last night.
by Joe Shea May 19, 2008