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the sikest wog eva born, gets all the hot ass mutha bitches and was pablo escobars partner, dis guy is like BIGGA then crips and bloods this guy is like VATO shit bro
by BOBAN February 27, 2004
Boban is the Slovakian term for "God's gift". Zvonimir Boban is also a Croatian former football midfielder.
B for Boban
by shadyxyz August 22, 2012
(noun) Homosexual, no life, no freinds, another term for the smell of asscrack, looks like a burnt ferret, needs to get a life and stop walking like a dick
peron1:"hey i wonder what ass crack smells like"

Person 2:"oh just go smell boban"
by xenon76 May 05, 2005
A very smelly and stincy hairy beast, or just a person that forgot how to use the shower and hasn't showered for centuries and usually smells like feet (or shit, your choice)...

Also, a stupid, arrogant and funny looking male\thing that has no exact definition till this very day!
Look at him, his hair is all messed up and he walkes very funny - what a Boban!

Damn! He smells like pure shit! And his hair smells like my feet!
by John Smith March 31, 2004
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