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Far too unique to be classified as nerd, geek, dork, or any other. Though he spends a lot of his time around computers, Geek and Nerd are rule dout by his vast amount of friends. And though he can be a real jackass, to both people he can claim to know, and people whom he doesn't, one thing is certain-- this little undefeatable mortal is shy around the female species. That's right. A wuss around girls.
Also a gamer, and an all-around clever person, he still sports a large conscience, forbiding him from doing wrong.
And lastly, though willing to be an ass to gain his way, once taken in as a friend, he will be everything loyal.
Zvonimir- The ultimate human.

((Lizzie:: Lies. The whole of it. I pwn him, and always will.))
by Sin April 14, 2004
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