An authoritarian like message board where the moderators brag to each other publicly about banning posters (Mod: eh, Mickey, who'cha ban today?...NO-ONE?!?! *falls off chair*) and where you can't mention the word knacker without getting an infraction and 2 week ban from the forum. (despite the fact that these vile creatures are responsible for 50% of crime in my town, despite making up less than 5% of the populace.)

There are hundreds upon hundreds of forums, some which have on average a post once every 3 months. If you piss of one of the many moderators (an extremely easy thing to do) expect your new thread to be moved to some obscure forum which hasn't had a post for 3 months, and if you disagree with the moderator you'll get an infraction.

After Hours is the most popular board, this is where the moderators brag most about banning other members daily. If you make a post about O' Connell Street you will get plenty of responses in this forum. But if you piss of one of the moderators expect your thread to go into the architecture forum, or the bird watching forum or some shit. (as there are boards that fly over O' Connell Street.) In either forum there will 1 post in the past 6 months, a new thread in the past year.

I got banned multiple times (despite not being banned from any other forum i've ever posted on.) which just sparks the authoritarian image. It has the potential to be a good site, it's a pity you can't speak your opinion. staff: a big bunch of gaping arseholes
by Sir Donal December 02, 2012
Top Definition
An internet message board set up to give Irish geeks too ugly to be seen in public a place to complain about the Polish and to internet stalk random z list Irish "celebrities". Its membership consists of 90% moderators who spend all thier time banning the other 10% for daring to talk about anything besides the Polish and z list Irish "celebrities".
"Typical thread"
The Polish Keep Eating Our Swans?
Has anyone else noticed thier are a lot fewer swans in Ireland the last few years? I blame the Polish, the other day I saw one eat a swans head while it was still alive.

Random poster 1. Yeah lol yore ma lol, I hate the polish, atari jaguar lol yore ma.

Random poster 2. At least thier not gypsies, lol yore ma's an atari jaguar.

Random Moderator 1. Thats it your both banned for using omproper punctuation. IM LOCKING THIS THREAD!!! THIS THREADS BANNED! IM BANNED TOO, EVERYONES BANNED, I'LL KILL YOU!! I'LL KILL YOU ALL! BANNED BANNED BANNED. (ohh god, I just want some non-internet friends).
by Devore August 13, 2007 a website recently brought under control by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).Try’s to take the members right of free speech away, contains mass censorship .The website was brought under control in 1997 by the CCP .website contains more moderators than members at a ratio of 22:1, due to this each comment is reviewed and edited before being posted on the website
User original comment: "does anyone want to go for a pint down in McCarty’s”

Message posted:"Buy Chinese low alcohol rice beer”

2nd user reply: “man your such a scab drinking that sh!t”

Message posted: “yes that would be a good idea to buy low alcohol rice beer as long as I have all my taxes paid and up to date” have the right to delete and edit comments
by castlebarboi February 24, 2009
An Irish internet message board that has more forums than topics, averaging about 2 topics per 5 forums. Being an Irish website, the main discussion is drinking, with 307 forums dedicated to this subject. Many drinking sessions are organised on a daily basis, making the general population of drunk 46% of the time.
A typical thread will consist of someone suggesting pints, 30 people are up for it, 12 argue about the venue, 17 people demanding a pissup be organised in their county, 2 people making it clear that they don't drink, and 82 people saying they won'd be able to make it as they're too hungover from last night's pissup.
by SilentBill September 06, 2008
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