sweetest sport ever, I love it, and I will do anything to make that seen, I hate fucking skaters (all but a select few) and their way of life, if you agree with me, check out my definition of skater it's number 2... I fucken love this sport, you can do anything at all with it, take it where you want, it comes in many sorts, flat, dirt, street(the ones that I ride) and park and vert..., I would ride park, except the skaters always give me such a fucking staring, I leave after about 15 minutes... I suppose its cos they know that I have a dick and they don't, lol!!!
bmx rocks!!!! skating sucks!!!
by jimmy smith March 29, 2005
(bicycle motorcross)is a form of specially designed bike that usually have 20 inch wheels, Bmx can enter competitions such as; dirt, street, vert and park.

Bmx is an all round sport as you can ride a Bmx pretty much anywhere, from a kerb on a street corner to a set of massive trials.

Bmx is amazing and sports like skateboarding is shit and is for wankers
by gstarbadboy April 29, 2009
Bicycle Moto Cross originally based on motocross racing originally thought of as a sport done by dickheads
Hey you Bmx Bandit yo....
by Kiel October 25, 2004
A sport you take up after you find out that you are not good at frootbooting
I just cant learn lukangs so i am just going to take up bmx and destroy the coping with my pegs
by hot carl March 28, 2004
bicycle motor cross.
Grown men pretending it still 1984.
Grow up!
by davis longfellow June 06, 2003
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