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The first form of bmx a copy of motocross racing which involves racing around a dirt track with jumps and corners with a maximum of 8 ppl in a race
man that dudes cool he does bmx racing
by Kiel October 25, 2004
The act of having sex with a chick who a friend is trying to bang; after learning she thinks hes gay and that she wouldn't bang said freind.
I'm gonna be kieling that girl soon.
by kiel April 02, 2005
root em n boot them
eg. have sex with a girl and dump them
jimmy had a R'n'B the other night
by Kiel November 14, 2005
Bicycle Moto Cross originally based on motocross racing originally thought of as a sport done by dickheads
Hey you Bmx Bandit yo....
by Kiel October 25, 2004

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