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the form of bmx that is done on the streets of cities world wide.it is the best form of bmx and needs more attention.street riding involves ledges gaps rails and different transitions.
street riding is the ultimate form of bmx.
by streetisbest November 13, 2003
the way iwishihadacondor spells reason
"thats the resone i get good grades"
by streetisbest July 07, 2003
a child molesting priest who "diddled" over 130 children in his buy handed reign of terror.
2.used as an adjective to describe someone who goes out with someone real young.
hey look at that father geoghan hes like 18 and she 13
by streetisbest August 31, 2003
instead of saying really people put rilly
as in rilly gay
lolz0rz taht waz rilly funi haha
w0w taht joek waz amayzingz
by streetisbest July 29, 2003
the type of bmx bikeing done in cities.rails ledges gaps ect these are all involved in "street riding"

death to booters and wood pushers..what gay sports
hey lets go ride some street.street riding kicks ass.i got arrested ridin street
by streetisbest November 13, 2003
the worst bmx company ever
a shitty bike company in general with the best bike riders
damn that haro you got 3 weeks ago for 750 is already breaking!
by streetisbest July 07, 2003
the sport fruitbooters and wood pushers are afraid to try.
the faster moving of the"extreme sports"
a sport that has way more dedication than rollerblading and skateboarding put together.
bmxers also own the skater parks due to their speed and momentum....dont wanna get hit buy a biker well kill yah
"oh shit that bike just got 6 ft of air over that box jump i cant clear because im a silly wank on a plank"
"nobody accepts me cause im a 4gr0 sk8r i want to die...."
by streetisbest August 31, 2003
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