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A small piece of skin that peels off after a bad sunburn.
I got fucking cooked in the blasing sun yesterday and now I got damned blypes peeling off all over the place.
by Chalming June 09, 2005
The equivalent of a verbal blurt, but through typing. Blurt + typing = Blyping.
In my hasty email I blyped that I thought you were ugly. I didn't really mean it. Sorry.
by Hastyemailgirl March 08, 2009
the hype something gets from being discussed on blogs
Man, I just bought the Klaxons new cd, but now I realize the reviews were just a bunch of blype.

I used to read pinkisthenewblog, but I'm sick of hearing all the blype about Britney's bald head and crotch shots.
by Anne Z. April 16, 2007