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bruv + blud = bluv yesyes bluv
oi bluv, wat you sayin!!! Hey McLuvin
by jake123 February 17, 2008
A mix between a boyfriend and love therefore bluv, can also be used to refer to a best friend or someone who is significant to you
"oi, bristol! is that your.... bluv?" - goose
"ur my bluv"
"yes bluv"
by Bristol 23 March 15, 2009
1. blud + bruv = bluv
2. non gay way of lovin ur matey
dont worry i got ur bak bluv
i bluv u man
by daz88 December 07, 2008
A mixture between "Blud", and "Bruv". a rudeboi way of sayin mate or chap etc...
JME: "Wasup Bluv"
Skepta: "Rah nothing bruv. Just been ridin in the Vectra innit."
by B Playa101 November 12, 2008