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It's german for blood
blutsauger - bloodeater
by König December 14, 2006
Yardie speak for a gunshot or the sound of gunshot(s)
You'll hear Blut when a pull a 9.
by Ernesto 'Ché Guevara July 13, 2006
The gaping of the female species. Commonly referred to as a fanny or vagina.
how's your blut
by The Vibrator Man 1 October 23, 2013
The combination of the words blood and guts, often used to describe roadkill.
Andrew: Dude! I just hit that squirrel and its bluts went all over the road.
by AndrewROCKS April 15, 2008
a butt-slut
Due to previous anal escapades, she not only has a weak colon, but also will be forever known as blut
by the powderkeg April 04, 2010
bitch slut

can also be combined with slitch
Guy: Ugh, that girl is such a blut.

Girl: What a blutty slitch!
by slitchluv November 30, 2010
Literally, a Boy Slut. The word is also used in place of Manwhore, Casanova, Player, Pimp, etc..mainly because there is no other proper word for a male slut.
Eitan is such a blut and uberly promiscuous with every girl in our English class.
by Nancy Nancy June 13, 2008

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