Someone who drinks regularly. Named because of the reddening of the face associated with alcohol consumption. Has a much weaker connotation than alcoholic.
You have been drinking all week, when did you become such a blush?
by phythm August 20, 2011
Top Definition
A physiologic reaction involving dilation of the blood vessels near the surface of the skin, causing a red color. Often caused by embarrassment or shame.
He blushed when he realized everyone was staring at him.
by Deep Grey June 04, 2006
The state of having turned red in the face/opposite of pale.
He looks so blush.
to have a sudden rush of blood to your face, as when you're excited, angry, embarrassed, defensive or perhaps in love.
Whenever Leanna sees Eric you can see her face blush tomato red.
by Sarah-neko April 29, 2003
Synonym for chutiyap
Garvit keeps on blushing every moment.
by tibaplus October 24, 2010
A discreate word refering to the emotional distress of being aroused
Friend1: im bored
friend2: well, I dont know about you but im feeling a bit blushy
friend1: Hmmmm.....
by DarkNightSleeper May 06, 2008
Getting a blow job while brushing your teeth, preferably using crest or colgate toothpaste. The feeling can be intensified if using an electric tooth brush. It is better with a unknown girl, but a girlfriend will do. In the morning is better then at night, and don't forget to floss.
A blush is when a girl sucks your dick while you brush your teeth using a counter-clockwise method.
by Dickmcvag July 10, 2009

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