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Brother; homeboy; close friend.
Don't worry I got your back bredren.
by prefixed February 08, 2004
your friend, usually a close male firend. Can apply to a group of close friends.
'nah, blood, he's my bredren. He's cool.'
by SHEvil August 10, 2003
Best friends, brothers, peers, family.

Historically; used in a familial sense. Plural form of brothers. Generally used in a sociological, religious, or cultural sense.

Has acquired a cultural meaning with the integration of African roots and history into other countries, especially in a Black Zionist context.

Originating from "brethren". The word has been associated with sects of, mainly Protestant, Christianity (for example; the Plymouth Brethren) but has taken on a wider and more-encompassing meaning when adopted as part of the Patois lexicon.
Me and me bredren, children of Jah Rastafari, be headin Zion. Escape dis Babylon and cleanse de nation.
by Magic:ian August 20, 2009
your brother, good friend, buddy,
yo, dat man Dan, he's my reeeaall bredren !!
by HaRRiLaL April 22, 2003