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Getting a blow job while brushing your teeth, preferably using crest or colgate toothpaste. The feeling can be intensified if using an electric tooth brush. It is better with a unknown girl, but a girlfriend will do. In the morning is better then at night, and don't forget to floss.
A blush is when a girl sucks your dick while you brush your teeth using a counter-clockwise method.
by Dickmcvag July 10, 2009
32 84
uk slang - see blud, bredren
whagwan blush?
Example must have at least 20 letters and 3 words
by whit? March 13, 2005
16 99
A mixture of blood, come, and shit that drips, runs, or falls out of the ass of an individual who has been engaging in rough anal sex.
Tony Danza had to clean a huge amount of blush out of the carpet after Mona raped him with a strap-on.
by Slick Dick Lick September 26, 2004
51 173