It's the word for that worthless endorsement on a video cover or movie poster. blurb + turd = blurd.
I opened a copy of rolling stone we had at the counter and went to the movie review section, and noticed that Travers' column, may he spend his afterlife being eternally sodomized by production execs, had a whole section of just these blurbs, hardly even in full sentences. "Mean Girls: A delectable comedy." etc... People, presumably, simply paid him for the blurd, and he would publish it in a column of paid blurbs for the sake of the quote being published somewhere.
by metalurker2 July 25, 2008
Top Definition
An Afro-American nerd. This was introduced in the sitcom Scrubs (Episode 6x02).
Y'all, my bro's a blurd! He keeps reading books all the time.
by Mola Ram December 08, 2006
A word newly created by the blurring together or blending of two or more words, originally adopted as the self-styled mother-tongue of millennials, and eventually integrated into every-day lingo.
The blurd, "Grexit," represents the combining of the words "Greece" and "exit" to describe Greece's exit from the EU, as adopted by the New York Times and other reputable news media in reporting on the Greece financial crisis
by rodydo July 28, 2015
Blended, blurred or otherwise reassembled words typically found on Web 2.0 or social networking sites.

Most people barely recognize new Web 2.0 blurds.
by Alison Brooks April 14, 2008
Fusion of two words to make a new word, intended (like most slang) to shorten the length of a conversation, they often make the person saying them sound like they have mental health issues.
Floordrobe= entire contents of wardrobe on the floor is a classic example of a blurd
by amberintheuk July 23, 2011
A bloody turd. Usually seen in a porta potty, a product of Hemroids.
Guy 1: Dude i was just in the porta jon and i saw a Blurd.
Guy 2: Ahhh sick man!, I wanna see!
Guy 1: It was tight.
by PatrickDonovan February 03, 2006
A mispelling of 'blood,' intended for people who need to spice up their term papers.
Elizabeth Bathory drank the blurd of virgins.
by Shleedle August 30, 2005
A cross between a bloke and a bird - basically a bird who knows football.
she knows what she's talking about that blurd
by Carol McIntosh June 15, 2007
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