It's the word for that worthless endorsement on a video cover or movie poster. blurb + turd = blurd.
I opened a copy of rolling stone we had at the counter and went to the movie review section, and noticed that Travers' column, may he spend his afterlife being eternally sodomized by production execs, had a whole section of just these blurbs, hardly even in full sentences. "Mean Girls: A delectable comedy." etc... People, presumably, simply paid him for the blurd, and he would publish it in a column of paid blurbs for the sake of the quote being published somewhere.
by metalurker2 July 25, 2008
Slang for blurb. Dyslexics use it because they are mentally raped. eg. Jeremy.
I'm writing a blurd on video editing for our website.
by JD April 07, 2005

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