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Aka Doc martens. Quite famous brand of boots and shoes. First made in the 60's for policemen and workmen. They come in a variety of colours and patterns including paisley and flowers. They're made too last and have designs for men and women. Air wair's are probably the most common style.
Bill: zoe just kicked me!
Ben: it can't have hurt that much
Bill: she was wearing her DM's
Ben: how are you still walking?!
by amberintheuk December 26, 2011
Fusion of two words to make a new word, intended (like most slang) to shorten the length of a conversation, they often make the person saying them sound like they have mental health issues.
Floordrobe= entire contents of wardrobe on the floor is a classic example of a blurd
by amberintheuk July 23, 2011
A blurd meaning patronise over facebook
On facebook chat;

John: and when you push the off button, it turns off.
Peter: don't fatronise me.
by amberintheuk July 23, 2011

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