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Noun. Pronounced: B-lun-TcH. A blunt smoked at lunch. Blunt and Lunch will now become bluntch. No longer being just a blunt before, after, or during lunch. Its now combined for your satisfaction.
much love
-Me and my boys went to bluntch.
-we smoked some robotic chronic at bluntch.
-Today is going to be a nice bluntch.
-Buy me a blunt bluntch.
-Mom were going to bluntch.
by Benjamin Rastaman March 06, 2008
to smoke many or (a bunch of) marijuana blunts
We smoked a bluntch before the movie.
by ballingheadhunter420 November 07, 2010
The act of, particularly on a Sunday morning, taking a blunt ride to your brunch spot of choice.
Hey, did you get dutches yesterday? We gotta make sure we're ready for bluntch tomorrow!
by stringbean610 April 28, 2009
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