The meal between brunch and lunch.
I was still hungry after having brunch, and it was too early for lunch, so I had some blunch.
by nonsuch10 October 15, 2010
Top Definition
An action that occurs before, during, and after visiting Cracker Barrel restaurant.
Dude, I was so hungover I had to blunch everywhere this morning, then we had blunch at Cracker Barrel and I've had to blunch out my ass all afternoon.
by tbird06 April 23, 2008
when you smoke a blunt on your lunch break instead of eating.
A::how was your lunch break??

B:: good had blunch with mistaa perry!!(:
by bubblepop(: March 08, 2011
First meal of day eaten at lunchtime. As opposed to brunch which is eaten at 10 or 11, blunch is eaten at 12 or 1.
I wasn't hungry in the morning so I had blunch.
by solidgol April 18, 2012
To smoke a blunt and get some lunch.
"Hey bro, wanna get some blunch"?
by 420ManMan February 01, 2015
Having lunch with a touch of breakfast.
Me: Yo Angelo I just had a great blunch
Angelo: Really what did u get

Me: I had a burger with an egg on the side.
by maccccccccc May 01, 2014
When the first meal of the day is breakfast but the food eaten is lunch food. It's a lot more lunch than breakfast hence the name gets a lot more lunch than breakfast.
Man I just woke up and its already noon, blunch time!
by Alova March 30, 2011
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