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when you smoke a blunt at lunch
hey man im taken my 30 min blunch. Yea!!!!
by LPG January 12, 2006
26 53
A Blunch is a "Surfer Dude" "Emo Kid" "Preppy Kid" or a "Skater Boy" that usually speaks with the stereotipical surfer talk.
Blunches usually have the long, shoulder length hair: Common hair color is blond, sometimes brown.
Blunches usually tend to think they are "HOT SHIT" ( Cool, Better than everyone else. )

A noun
Surfer kid : Hey bra

Normal Kid : Lets go to BLUNCH!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!! <- How you would use it.
by David Gnzo October 18, 2006
20 53
Substancial meal served late morning which combines both breakfast and lunch. Not to be confused with brunch which is a lighter snack.
I missed breakfast, we have a lecture at 12 lets do blunch at 11.30.
by kevin wood February 19, 2004
15 51
a breakfast/lunch meal for lushes, who were up drinking so late the night before they are unable to wake up before noon to eat what is typically reffered to as "brunch."
The day after the big party, we woke up at one and ate dimsum for blunch.
by corinne h March 03, 2006
2 41