The word blump is a word describing something that is really boring, bland or just stupid.
Man... today has been such a blump day. I kinda hope I just get shot.
by Zane the Weatherman January 29, 2011
Someone who is one of more of the following:

fat, ridiculous, rude, big, toadish, grumpy, ill-mannered, rude, a stick in the mud, always in the way

Just picture a fat grumpy old woman with a huge rear end who is frowning awfully at you from across the room, while wearing a housedress as big as a house, with her hair going every which way, and either glasses or warts or too much makeup, or all three.
That blump sat there like a toad all day and watched us and wouldn't even get out of the way when we asked her nicely to move!
by J L M R March 21, 2008
1. the bowel movement you have not long after devouring a Blimpie submarine sandwich with the works, invented on a buy one get one night in The BronxNYC
King: my boy in castle hill hooks up mos mayo, oil, chz all that shit Mondays...its worth the Tuesday morning blump
Player King: bet
by JR Reden Bacher January 24, 2009
In between a bump and a Lump
That is a pretty big blump
by ADD March 25, 2005
boring, shit,
this is so blump
by emily February 18, 2004
bounce + love + hump = blump
Man, last night my friend and her cats blumped for hours on end.
by carolinizzle June 11, 2005

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