1. A derivative of "buffler" as opposed to someone that runs from a fight, a bluffer is someone that runs from a bong
"Looks like his eyes are closed, he must be bluffing.."

"Don't bluff, be tough"
by The Great Jamoah April 14, 2004
Top Definition
one who pretends not to have a significant other while playing the field and promising their "new" conquest(s) the false hope of monogamy and/or love
That shallow bastard Kyle. He has so many babes on the hook now and he's trying to bluff Janet into a relationship that she thinks is gonna last. Christ women are stupid!
by Steven January 09, 2005
A dude whose penis looks huge when it is flaccid but does not get very large once it is erect
Susie: So how was your date with Kyle? I heard he has a huge dick.

Amy: When he first dropped his pants, I thought "OMG!!" But it doesn't get any bigger once it gets hard -- he's just a bluffer
by toohot2trotpair July 26, 2009

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