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any person wearing a handsfree telephone on their ear.
Hey, check out that bluedouche pretending his call is totally important or something.
by Jay Smith June 01, 2006
Blue Douching- when a person of any color, race, or breed engages in or knowing uses a "blue tooth" type device. Since this is not necessary and looks completely ignorant please remove it from you ear so i can kindly whisper in your ear- "You by no means are that fucking important". I know sometimes you might think you need it in your ear at all time but quess what- "you are not that fucking important!"
"Look at that stupid SOB over there, he could not even come into Wal-Mart without that blue douche".
by Grissom August 15, 2007
A person that thinks their bluetooth headset is so cool they wear it all the time even inappropriate places i.e., movies theaters, churches, in meeting at work.
Bob check out the bluedouche at three o’clock. Is he really expecting a call durning the wedding?
by Clarkeeeeee January 27, 2009
When you use a public restroom and the blue water from the toilet splashes up on you.
Andrea got a blue douche when she went to the bathroom
by MSUGirl July 11, 2006
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