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The process by which the skin under one's eyes becomes more and more purple as the amount of sleep they are deprived of increases.
It must be finals week, my eyes are totally raccoonating.
by gotonull December 08, 2007
The condition in which an individual is clad with an ear-mounted bluetooth communication device, which is rarely, if ever, removed. Coined by lonelysandwich on twitter
lonelysandwich: "In place of greeting my Bluedouched distant cousin, my dad informed him he has 'some stupid thing coming out of his ear'. Love you, Dad."
by gotonull November 28, 2008
middlewestern US slang for a cigarette or fag
(In a bar) Hey Steve, you ready for a cigass? Nah, I gotta finish my beer first but then I'm good.
by gotonull May 07, 2008

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