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The feeling you get when you are deep in a conversation, usually gossip related, and someone stops short of revealing a secret they've been building up to for at least five minutes.

So called, because the process is somewhat similar to the way in which one is forced to endure blue balls. While with blue balls, a girl won't finish you off sexually, in blue brains the victim has yet to have their curiosity "finished off." While blue balls is more painful, blue brains is often endured for longer periods of time and cannot be remidied on one's own.
Guy 1: Yo, you know what I heard about Lisa?
Guy 2: No, tell me.
Guy 1: Well, I really shouldn't say...
Guy 2: Come on you have to tell me!
Guy 1: I can't, I promised I wouldn't say anything.
Guy 2: Dude we've been talking about this for ages. Total blue brains.
by inquisitor December 05, 2006
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When you get worked up or excited for something come to realize it isnt happening for a while. Samee concept of Blue Balls but for your brain.
"Hey Ana, new American Horror Story tonight!!"
"No Steven its tomorrow lol."
"Well i just got Blue brains"
by rzewster September 13, 2016
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When one expects to have his or her mind blown, but does not (derived from the popular "blue balls").
I expected that movie's ending to blow my mind, but it didn't; now I have a terrible case of blue brain.
by 2848208164 October 17, 2013
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when a chick gets you mind going about a bunch of kinky shit, and then says "wait i shouldn't have said any of that." Now your mind is going, but you have no release.
Man, last night this girl was talkin up a storm about what she'd do when we got home, then she straight blue brained me on it when it came down to it.
by C.Diddy May 17, 2010
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Chronic Marijuana User. So named for the habitual indulgence in pot smoking, edibles, tinctures or any dispensing method has turned the lining of said users brain blue. Characterized by being jobless, lacking personal hygiene, slow unintelligent speech patterns, sedentary and sloth-like, impotent and therefore useless as a human. Energy of any kind being dispensed by individuals is rationed for "weed outages" only. Prone to rage and individuals known to be "Blue Brains" should be avoided if weed isn't present and or available. Irreversible.
I'm sorry I'm late for work, the "Blue Brain" giving me a ride locked himself inside the car and couldn't get out.
by DoubleDoodie April 18, 2017
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A condition similar to Blue Balls. When none of the ladies you're currently dealing with are intellectually stimulating, you have Blue Brain.
Yeah, I dated Paris Hilton for awhile. The sex was hot, but I had blue brain the entire time. Packed up my shit and left that ho. Bought the booty tape though. Good shit.
by Muzak August 01, 2009
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Occurs over the course of time when an attempt to be intellectual or keep a train of thought is made.This is then followed by a sputtering and finally an epic fail on the part of the absent minded individual who manages to make themselves look like foolish idiot.
Girl: I don't know what's wrong with him. He can't keep up a conversation, always wanders off to an unrelated topic.

Friend: Does it happen often?

Girl: Yes!

Friend: He's probably suffering from Blue Brains.

Girl: But why? What would have caused it?

Friend: Most likely he's distracted by his Blue Balls.
by violet_dragon August 14, 2011
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