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The word used to substitute the "business" when not meant to be used in its literal context. Often used in the context of "None of your business" without trying to sound too white.
Proper use of the word "bidness":

Yeah, my pops owns a business, but it ain't nunyo damn BIDNESS, ho.
by Muzak March 11, 2008
A sex tape, fuck film, or any other word pairings that are synonymous with the previous word pairings.
D.O.: Yo dawg you see that R. Kelly booty tape yet?
Mistah Ded: Yeah man that shit was some fucked up bidness.
D.O.: Word.
by Muzak March 10, 2008
A condition similar to Blue Balls. When none of the ladies you're currently dealing with are intellectually stimulating, you have Blue Brain.
Yeah, I dated Paris Hilton for awhile. The sex was hot, but I had blue brain the entire time. Packed up my shit and left that ho. Bought the booty tape though. Good shit.
by Muzak August 01, 2009
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