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One who lives off or profits by the work of others while making no contribution.
Originally British slang meaning pimp, its currency has continued in Australia while it has died out in Britain.
Why don't you get off your arse and give us a hand, ya bludger!
by dYsLeXiA January 11, 2005
South African variant of the barbecue.

It is technically different from barbecuing in that the wood fire is fed for several hours and then allowed to burn down. The food is then cooked over the red-hot embers.
Come to Jaapie's place man, he's having a braai!
by dYsLeXiA January 17, 2005
In South Africa, a Volkswagen Beetle.
That's a lekker Volksie, my bru!
by dYsLeXiA January 17, 2005
Hindi word for market.
If you go to Pahar Ganj in Delhi around 6pm, you can pick up some free vegies.
by dYsLeXiA March 05, 2005
Volkswagen Beetle. Not the new Beetle though, only the old one.
You know the chick I mean - the one that drives around in that yellow veedub.
by dYsLeXiA January 17, 2005
where a guy grabs a girl's waist and moves with her with rap or some other type of music, called grinding because of the "grinding between a guy's crotch and a girl's ass"
Damn, when she was grinding with joey, he was gettin all up in therr.
by dyslexia October 31, 2004

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