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used as a command: to shoot a gun or lay someone out
"yo that dude robbed my stash"
"are you serious, was he chill"
"no he was talkin heat all night, what sould I do??"
"blucka, blucka!"
by peter chivers May 26, 2006
used as a command: to shoot a gun or lay someone out
n. a safe derivative of "nigga" as commonly used by (south louisiana) hip-hop era people to address their friends, homeboys, or niggas..
.. is optional to refer to a black person but in no way derogitory.

adj. to describe a particular look partial to any blucka

and you will know that look when you see it.
n. When o'l blucka shot off his AK, it went Blucka Blucka .. Blucka Blucka .. BOW!When he was done, he had dat blucka look all over his face!
by oblucka November 29, 2010
To get supa drunk and rage heavily. You might not remember everything, but you know you had a great time
Let's get blucka tonight

Last night I was ragin so heavy, i was blucka blucka
by bluckabluckayoushouldbackup September 20, 2011

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