BLACK LIKE TOAST ; a person(man or woman) who is really dark.(darker than most people)
woah ; that person is BLT
by kaykFACE April 20, 2006
be like that - as in behave like that
yeah blt what do i care?
by scrotum head faithful October 20, 2004
Bacon Letus and Tomato
I'd like a BLT sub sandwich hold the mayo please.
by Scott August 28, 2002
Bread, Lettuce, Tomato...
Carlton is always trying Market his BLT's as bread, lettuce, tomato...
by Charvel, Jacob September 01, 2007
1) Bitch's Leaking Time- aka period.

2) Buy Large Tampons

3) Bob Saget's Layered Testicles
1) Girl: "We can't fuck tonight"

Boy: "Why?"
Girl: "B.L.T"

2) "shoot, i need to B.L.T for my B.L.T"
by shoatgurl June 01, 2010
When you take your bacon (cock) while lying in the grass (lettuce) and shove it into your girl’s pussy while she is on her period (tomato). At the end you shove your grass and blood covered cock into her mouth and add the mayo.
We were out for a romantic picnic but when I found out my girl was raggin' I gave her a BLT for lunch.
by Mike & Tom September 20, 2007
A Woman/Gurl/Hoe wit booty,legz, an titties
Damn dat bia had da best BLT's i eva seen dawg
by Marche June 05, 2004

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