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Barely Legal Trim (abr B.L.T). A young female with deffinate potential. Works well when commenting on said female would be inapropriate (i.e in the workplace).
Dudes, theres some sweet ass B.L.T action sitting outside the shopping centre today.
Who says working in retail is all bad?
by fear the factory March 01, 2009
Bacon,Lettuce,Tomato type of sandwich
Could i have the BLT
by tommyc101 July 20, 2011
The greatest striker in the history of football.
Patron Saint of LFK.

Also happens to be quite a legend.
"Another fabulous goal from BLT. This man can't stop scoring"
by 123BLT October 19, 2012
a bizarre love triangle
a bizarre love sandwich?
"every time I see you falling / I get down on my knees and pray / I'm waiting for that final moment / you'll say the words that I can't say"

That is a BLT
by Halp August 13, 2012
A BLT refers to the "Better Looking Than" person of a couple. A game typically played while drinking at a bar,you try to find a couple and ask the people you are with who the "BLT" is. This game gets more fun as the night goes on and more drinking is done.
I never realized how ugly she is; John is definitely the BLT.
by Foxy J October 19, 2011
Acronym for: Butt Legs Tits

Used to describe a woman who is very sexually stimulating in her appearance
Megan is one bangin BLT!
by Forca September 03, 2009
In reference to the Jersey B.L.T. (Big, Loud, and Tan)
Mike "The Situation"- "Hey yo Pauly look at those B.L.T.'s bro"

Pauly D- "Hell yeah bro that shit be tight!"
by BigBallsMgGoy July 12, 2011