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Another word for blowjob, or giving oral sex. First coined in the movie Superbad.
"I am going to give you the best blowjay."
by fbmkink January 03, 2008
The act of giving/trying to give a man a blow job while being extremely fuckin shit faced. So shit faced that you cannot even say it as blow job or even a bj. Which results as calling it a 'blow jay'.
'I am going to give you the best blow jay EVER!...With my mouth!'--Superbad
by Justine Ever So Lame March 17, 2008
An unflattering nickname for the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team, especially in the late 80s and early 90s prior to the team's World Series wins in 1992 and 1993. Arose from the Jays' blown leads in the 1985 ALCS against Kansas City and the 1987 AL East division race against Detroit. Still used by fans of rival teams to insult the Jays, though it is very outdated.
Before they won the World Series in 1992, the Blue Jays were chokers; they should have been called the Blow Jays.
by injundude January 22, 2009
a drunken abreviation of blowjob
if your too blazed or souced to even pronounce the whole word
boy " whatcha doing baby?"
girl" imaa give you the besst blow-jay EVER"
by Suicide October 25, 2007
A blowjay means giving a blowjob to a bluejay.

Very popular among bird watchers - and bluejays.
Cedric:Why is that bird so happy?

Cynthia: I just gave him a blowjay.

Cedric: Chirp!

Cynthia: Why certainly, my darling.
by scodder October 31, 2012
The Canadian way of saying blow job
Kevin: I will never get a blow jay. NSH: A WHAT??!??!?! Kevin: I meant blow job?? NSH: sure you did, you just don't know what a blow job is!! HEHEHHE
by NSH February 14, 2003
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