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an effective way to fend off rapists.

this can be achieved through confusing a rapist by offering him a blowjob, then delivering some swift blows to the nuts
man: Honey how was your day
woman:not too bad although i almost got raped
man:omfg are you okays
woman:yeah dont worry i fended him off with a blowjab
by captain melon January 21, 2009

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A punch/jab performed while exhaling from the mouth. Very effective if done properly.
"Yo man did you see that fight yesterday?"

"Yeah bro, that guy knocked the other dude out with one blowjab to the face"
by Lolitsandy April 23, 2010
When you go to preform a blow job, then you punch the guy in the testicles.
Guy 1: Why are you so sore?
Guy 2: My gf gave me a blow jab.
by dirtysincilla January 16, 2011