person who keeps getting call after call
damn you're blowing up your cell phone
by Marie June 29, 2003
used to describe present state of extreme emotion, ie, anger, happiness, excitement, frusturation, joy, etc.
"I have no more weed! I''m blowing up!"

"This is such good food - i'm blowing up!"

"I can't wait until woodford, i'm blowing up!"

"How's jim since rachael dumped him?

he's blowing up"
by shaka12 July 08, 2009
when your phone or your facebook you starts getting lots of constant messages because you are popular or someone is anxious and wants to find you
Dude! After Fish Camp my facebook was blowing up. I had lots of chicks after me. It was insane!!!
by Brizzy Izzy August 06, 2011
Used to define a popular place for the evening.
Gia's party was blowing up last night.
by Cassandra November 02, 2003
The ever-increasing size in which a girl's booty continues to take shape.
"Molly's booty is blowin' up! It just won't quit-she's up and busted out her jeans"
by Molly Heise May 10, 2004

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