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Being a stoner; smoking weed. Also is a restiverb; combines Tupac's THUG LIFE with Nug, meaning a bud of marijuana
You blazin' today?
Fasho, nug life.
by nuglifee December 07, 2009
To call/text someone repeatedly, or have multiple people call or text the same person.
Kyle was blowing up my phone this morning because he wanted some bud.

Stop blowing me up, i didnt answer cuz i was in the shower

If i dont answer for my gf the first time shell blow up my phone
by nuglifee April 15, 2010
Someone who is very enthusiastic about marijuana, and knows a lot about the subject.
He is quite the chronnoisseur.
by nuglifee December 07, 2009
To smoke 3 types of weed in one bowl, specifically a Sativa, an Indica, and a Hybrid
We got so high off that tribowlin' last night
by nuglifee December 09, 2009
To 3 way video chat on iChat
lets trichat tonight
by nuglifee December 09, 2009
Looking at girls to find a potential sex partner.
We were poonscoping at the mall last week, there were some hot chicks... wanna come poonscope today?
by nuglifee April 15, 2010

To replace part of a word with another word.

Coming from Latin: restituo - replace, and verbum - word

v. (past)Restiverbed, (present) Restiverbing

adj. Restiverbious
Opporpoonity (Opportunity + Poon)
Chronnoisseur (Chronic + Connoisseur)
Sexting (Sex + Texting)

Phillip used a restiverb when he wanted to create a catchy phrase so people would think he was clever.
by nuglifee December 07, 2009

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