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The use of a mechanical MOD (E-Cigarette) with a Rebuildable Atomizer (RBA) sometimes built Dual Coil. When used properly one can inhale from the MOD and exhale creating a cloud of water vapor covering a larger area then any other inhalant device.
"Dude I want that guys vape! He's taking small hits and blowing clouds effortlessly"
by Red_Suns_Kid July 23, 2013
A term to describe the act of smoking meth. If smoked correctly, when the person exhales, the smoke looks like white, puffy clouds. PNP people blow clouds.
I was sucking him as he was blowing clouds.
by jangajinga September 21, 2009
Playing wrong notes or sour notes on a wind instruments.
Don't ever hire those musicians again! They kept on blowing clouds at the party!
by pentozali August 06, 2009