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blow ee - (noun) - in the art of felatio the person(s) performing the act is the blower, the person(s) receiving said felate is the blowee.
friend #1: Getting head from another guy doesn't make you gay if you are the blowee!

friend #2: Yeah, it does.

by tehflip March 19, 2008
trik-uh-fyd (v) - the art of social engineering with enough cerebral skill to covertly achieve a goal.
"dude": i used all my pick up lines and that didn't work. So i whipped out a fake bank deposit slip and showed her my millions.
"dude's friend": Aw you totally trickafied her!
by tehflip March 17, 2008
1) In the Urban Dictionary editorial guidelines, the very embodiment of the nonentity: "Publish definitions of Jennifer Lopez because she's famous, but reject my girlfriend Sally".

2) Fictitious girlfriend, invented in order to convince your friends that you are not gay or that a woman has found you attractive enough to want to be your girlfriend. See Canadian girlfriend.
editor: "I had to reject My girlfriend Sally due to the editorial guidline of no violent sex acts."

submittor: "argh! rejection!"
by tehflip March 19, 2008

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