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1. An expression to summarise a bad personal experience.
1. Person 1: "I met this girl and she just used me for a free meal."
Person 2: Man that must blow chunks.
by Giulio Campobassi April 04, 2006
10 78
1. to vomit.
2. to...
David: Man, I drank so much last night, i went home and i set my house on fire! Now I live in box.

Harry: No man, I drank so much last night, I went home and i blew chunks all night!

John: Dude! I drank so much last night, I went home and I beat the crap out of my wife, now she's sueing me for all I'm worth!

Harry: No dude... Chunk's my dog.

David & John: ....
by Aduras March 13, 2005
348 155
To release the contents of the enlarged, saclike portion of the alimentary canal in a violent manner, especially after you view your parents having sex.
Dude, I, (raaaalllllppphhh) just seen, (baaaaarrrrrfffffff) my parents, (Huuurrrrrlllll) fucking!

SHIT MAN, I would have to blow chunks right fucking now, man.

I know dude, I just did!
by Dude Grease October 28, 2006
86 52
1. to vomit

2. to be terrible, to be extremely bad
The sensation I got from this creature nearly made me blow chunks.
by The Return of Light Joker November 27, 2011
11 4
the act of vomiting while giving a blowjob. synonyms include yackjob.
I got my first blowchunk the other night. I'm glad that puke didn't get on my dick or she would have got a strawberry shortcake.
by Mario Fillini August 29, 2007
3 4
1.To regurgitate or eject contents of stomach. See also spew, yak, vomit, hurl, barf, technicolor yawn, ralph, lurch, puke. 2.To get furiously angry, using profane and foul language.
1.I drank too much, I need to blow chunks. 2.My father will blow chunks if he ever catches me smoking his weed.
by John Barry November 21, 2004
64 90
When a girl throws up after a particularly nasty blow job.
I saw her blow chunks. It was a gross mixture of cum and vegetarian lasagna.
by chunkmeister August 20, 2009
14 46
1. To vomit; to be sick.
2. Something that is not good, or a major disappointment.
1) I feel really sick -- I could blow chunks right here!

2) That movie blew chunks! I can't believe I paid $9 to see it.
by VAKI5 May 11, 2005
31 80