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1. to vomit.
2. to...
David: Man, I drank so much last night, i went home and i set my house on fire! Now I live in box.

Harry: No man, I drank so much last night, I went home and i blew chunks all night!

John: Dude! I drank so much last night, I went home and I beat the crap out of my wife, now she's sueing me for all I'm worth!

Harry: No dude... Chunk's my dog.

David & John: ....
by Aduras March 13, 2005
It is the way a wigger (wiggah) /chigger (chiggah), a person who lacks racial confidence/pride in his own race and depends on identity upon trying to be something he's not (like being black), says "Peace" in order to seem black.
John CHAN "Waddup my hot DAWG?!"
Jason SMITH "Not too much mah Niggah! PAYCCCCE!!"

Terry O'NEIL "Um. Are you ignorant blasphamuses trying to replicated my black heritage? Is that mockery I smell a foot? Let me kindly... CAP YO ASS"

*bang bang*

Terry: "PAYCE. fools"
by Aduras September 04, 2004

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