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Blind drunk, intoxicated to the extreme
You were so blotto last night
by KING February 17, 2003
To be extremley hammered
"my name is otto! i looove getting blotto!!
#hammered #pissed #wasted #fucked #blotto
by wtf?! omfg!!? n00b October 26, 2006
Drunk. Other terms which mean 'drunk' are: intoxicated, pissed, smashed, Oliver Twist (rhyming slang), potted, soused, in your cups, off the wagon, slaughtered, hammered, wasted, shit-faced, squiffy, legless, sozzled, plastered, sloshed, inebriated, tipsy, tiddly, paralytic, tanked up, on the booze, on the piss, on the sauce
Wife: "You were the one who ended up blotto last night and introduced your dinner to the 'welcome' mat. You can wash it and then wring it out".

Man: "Right now I feel like it's my brain that needs wringing out".
#drinking #alcohol #pub #wagon #booze
by Stormsworder February 01, 2007
describing a wild night of debauchery, an out of control situation, a crazy fucked up experience.
Dude - hookers, booze, blow, a baby goat!? - jesus christ last night was fucking blotto.
#fucked up #ridiculous #retarded #insane #recockulous
by redjazz1 December 20, 2011
A guy you really like but is a huge douche bag to you. or a guy you hate how much you love them.
Girl: my boyfriends such an asshole, but i love him.
Friend: yeah hes a blotto for sure.
#blotto #douche #asshole #douche bag #boyfriend
by carhar7 June 26, 2011
nina megan liv's crew
oi oi here comes the blotto crew
by liv May 23, 2004
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