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(blot) (oh) (ed) meaning very drunk or in a drunken stuper.
person1: man i got madd blottoed last night
person2: jigga your a blotto case
by Djaries May 29, 2006
a Notebook commonly used by raptors, with a raptor driven interface.
Hey man did you check out that new youtube video on my raptop?
by Djaries February 01, 2009
(Knee) (del) (dorf) A tiny saltwater bound creature that some people find delicious when cooked. Needledorfs are native to Canada waters and are tiny shrimp like animals with beady eyes and long tentacles. Needledorfs are good in cocktails. The word can also be used in contextual reference to someones stupid actions. Can be used as a singular EG: "Needle"
Person1 "Man i just slammed my shopping cart into that pregnant lady and she gave accidental birth from the impact!"

Person2 "Dude you needledorf why the hell didnt you watch where you were going, did you at least buy some needledorfs for dinner?"
by Djaries April 12, 2007
Dara. A word commonly coined by chianese people or anyone not originating from within an english speaking nation; meaning one dollar. Can be used as a plural form of currency.
person1: how much for the freetos jigga?
711owner: 3 dara pwees.
person1: shit man your prices are blotto but hell i love freetos!
by Djaries June 05, 2006

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