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gossip, talkin shit about one another,
That girls talkin smack about everyone!
by liv March 20, 2005
God of Sex.

Damn 20 letter minimum.
Ron Weasley may be a fictional characer, but he sure is orgasmic.
by Liv July 31, 2004
What would you give just to.......
They live the dream you and i want(lucky bastards) Julian fucking gorge as well!
by Liv January 10, 2004
a combination of woah and amazing. used in place of amazing.
Wow Sally, the fact that you can fly is womazing.
by Liv November 29, 2004
Dunga. This word can be used as a put-down but also as a term of endearment. It originated from South Australia in 2002 where it grew as a popular term to describe poor dress sense, bad co-ordination, stupid thinking etc.
"What are you wearing those shoes for, you look like a dunga!"
"I stubbed my toe, I am such a dunga!"
"Haha, what were you thinking you dunga!"
by Liv January 02, 2005
v. To rise up upon one's toes and emit a high-pitched, almost indetectable, squeak while smiling largely. This action is usually completed when one has discovered a fascinating similarity between oneself and another. Seeprynetion also can occur when one has witnessed a reference, direct or indirect, to a person, place, thing, or topic which with one has a personal obsession.
When Janay discovered that the brown-headed young man was a fan of Nirvana as well, she seepryneeted.
by Liv September 24, 2004
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