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the true definition of a person who looks like the combination of a beaver and a sloth.
"Whoah, he likes that girl"
"Yeah i know right? she looks like a beaver..and a sloth!"
"He must have a bloth fettish."
by MPJGWW June 05, 2009
A black male or female who is influenced by hard-rock music enough to motivate them to dress in all black and hate everybody except for other goths and bloths.

A.K.A=black goth
That nigga wearin tha black trench coat is a disgrace to black people,fuckin bloth.
by Blacksmith the cross breed January 12, 2007
blond goth. someone who wants to bravely go goth but is still to young to breakout from country and western line dancing christian mega church racist parents.
confrontationally challenged pre goth, very blond, early or preteens, blue jeans, white tees, no piercings, strong white bread christian values.
There goes a covey of bloths.
She's all bloth.
by The Ell December 06, 2008
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