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Pure awesome and greatness
Bryan is so covey i love him.
by big b and d-wayne March 10, 2008
pure idiocy or stupidity
Bryan is so covey; every time he talks my IQ drops.
by BAHAHAHA! March 11, 2008
Some guy who enjoys kidnapping younger girls, preferably 15-17 year olds. He then likes to perform the traditional hose in hole act; that is, shoving a hose up the vag, turning on the water, and watching that bitch squeel. He then barks like a walrus in manly zeal.
"My uncle is in jail on three counts of Covey. Poor man, so sick."

"Our landlord turned off our water because of all the Coveying that was going on in our apartment."
by PimpDaddySlim April 03, 2010
To crowd around or snuggle up against another person. Generally carries a negative connontation, as in "Quit coveyin', ya bunch of hoodlums!" Origin: West Georgia
"Hey, stop! Quit coveyin'"
by Makenna December 01, 2003