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A girl who has dyed blonde hair and has so much make up and fake tan on she is orange (usually glowing orange). Looks very unnatural.
Hey Paul, cool party but its ashame how many bloranges turned up.
by Bonzo66 October 15, 2007
When a child or person is faced with the decision of having either orange or blackcurrant squash, and in an attempt to rebel against the world of squash they mix small quantities of both together, and hence call it blorange.
Person: Would you like orange or blackcurrant?
Child: I want Blorange!
by whatevertrevor April 22, 2011
Not Quite Blue, Not Quite Orange. Blorange
Wow!! Check It!!!!!

Blorange Jacket!

Boom Ting ^-^
by La'Frances March 23, 2008
A mixture of blue and orange. Also, used to describe someone that fluctuates between sad and happy.
Trish is really blorange today.
by Phar October 07, 2006
the act of engaging an orange with the attempt to stimulate orgasm
She bloranged herself an orgasm while he watched.
by Minister of Silly Walks April 25, 2007
mundane blog posting pertaining to blogger's daily life without regard for interesting content
Yeah, Carol's blog is full of blorange about doing the dishes and feeding her cat.
by Steve Dorings January 23, 2007
The only known word in the englsih dictionary thar rhymes with orange.
Erm. . .Well I couldnt think of any sentence to put blorange in.
by Chris Riley June 27, 2003